The Runner’s Ten – 10 Exercises for Runners

The Runner’s Ten – 10 Exercises for Runners Are you a runner? Have you ever felt a pain or discomfort during or after a run that bothered you just a little too much? More than just your average muscle soreness. You rest it a couple days and it feels better so you try running again. And it hurts again. And […] Read More »

Plantar Fasciitis

It happens almost every morning. You wake up, step out of bed, and you feel a sharp, jolting pain through your heel. Or perhaps it happens after sitting down for a while. You try to walk it off and it gets a bit better, but after being on your feet too much the pain comes back. It’s stubborn, it hurts, […] Read More »

Ankle Exercises: are we finishing the job?

Ankle Rehabilitation: are we finishing the job? The ankle is one of the most commonly injured body parts in sports, with ankle sprains being the predominant injury. A sprained ankle is when the ligaments that provide stability to the joint are completely or partially torn. This injury may occur due to increased forces on the joint when pushing off, landing, […] Read More »

Baseball Injuries: Fact vs Fiction

Baseball season is almost in full swing and The Sports Rehabilitation Center is doing their part to stay on top of the latest research on baseball injuries. Several members of our staff attended the 38th Annual “Injuries in Baseball” conference presented by the American Sports Medicine Institute.  The dynamic group of presenters was comprised of the “who’s who” of the […] Read More »

10 Essential Shoulder Exercises for Baseball Players

10 Essential Shoulder Exercises for Baseball Players   Spring training has commenced for Major League Baseball and the excitement of a new season is upon us. The baseball preseason is not just for showcasing young talent, but also for the veterans to transition back to the field after several months off. While many elite baseball players understand the concept of […] Read More »