One Size Doesn’t Fit All…

One Size Doesn’t Fit All… Running has been the most common form of exercise since the dawn of time. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it only requires footwear and even that has been debated. This blog will briefly discuss the evolution of running footwear in the past 50 years and provide recommendations for the avid runner. […] Read More »

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Aquatic Physical Therapy: Not just for Geriatrics anymore!   Aquatic physical therapy refers to water-based exercises that are performed specifically to improve range of motion (ROM), muscle strength, and circulation, while decreasing swelling and pain. When the term “aquatic physical therapy” or “hydrotherapy” is heard, the first image that often comes to mind is a group of geriatric patients with arthritis […] Read More »

Posture and Pain

Posture and Pain What is “good posture?” Back and neck pain has become nearly commonplace among office workers today, and the cause is usually attributed to poor posture. Many people resort to a slouching posture (Figure 1) at work because it requires minimal back muscle activation, but most agree that this posture places increased stress on the ligaments and intervertebral […] Read More »

HELP! My child has little league shoulder: What should I do?

Little league shoulder is an overuse injury that involves the growth plate.  It can occur due to excessive pitching, poor mechanics, or doing a combination of several overhead activities. With winter upon us, many baseball players use this time period for strength and conditioning, while giving their arms a rest. For young baseball players, this is an ideal time to […] Read More »


Foam Rolling for Self Soft Tissue Mobilization Foam rollers have become popular in the fitness industry as device used to assist with self-stretching and soft tissue mobilization. Foam rollers can be purchased for a reasonable price online or in most sporting goods stores, and are often present at gyms and fitness centers. Foam rolling, if performed appropriately, can be a […] Read More »