10 Essential Shoulder Exercises for Baseball Players

10 Essential Shoulder Exercises for Baseball Players


Spring training has commenced for Major League Baseball and the excitement of a new season is upon us. The baseball preseason is not just for showcasing young talent, but also for the veterans to transition back to the field after several months off. While many elite baseball players understand the concept of an arm care program, youth players often miss the opportunity.

The demand placed on youth baseball players has continued to rise with more players engaged in year-round baseball. Not surprisingly, the injury rates to the shoulder and elbow including Tommy John surgery, have skyrocketed. Throwing a ball just once puts significant torque on the shoulder and repetitive throwing without adequate shoulder strength can lead to injury.

The following list is recommendations we have for youth baseball players to significantly reduce the injury rates for the upper extremity. This blog will only address the final recommendation and provide videos of the 10 essential exercises for any baseball player or overhead athlete.

  • Use correct throwing mechanics
  • Adhere to specific pitch count recommendations based on age
  • NEVER continue pitching when the arm feels “tired”: pitching with arm fatigue is one of the best predictors of arm injury. Coaches and players need to understand that pain or soreness does not need to be present for a pitcher to be pulled from the game.
  • Engage in a proper arm care program like the one presented here.


Fortunately, the equipment needed to perform these exercises is minimal and very cost effective. Our recommendation is using resistive bands and light dumbbells (1-3 lbs). With these two items, all the exercises can easily be performed at home, at a gym or even on the field before practice or a game.

These exercises only represent the core exercises we prescribe as part of a comprehensive home exercise program. To learn more about this program and learn about additional exercises, be sure to contact the Sport Rehab Center at any of our locations. Whether you are preventing an injury or currently have one, these exercises and our staff can get back to the field stronger and better than before!

  1. Standing External Rotation
  2. Prone Row to External Rotation
  3. Prone Shoulder Abduction
  4. Prone Shoulder Extension
  5. Shoulder Extension
  6. Shoulder Abduction
  7. Shoulder Flexion
  8. Standing Tricep Extension
  9. Bilateral Horizontal Abduction
  10. Bilateral Shoulder Retraction with External Rotation