Injury Prevention

As Atlanta’s leader in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, we recognized that not enough attention had been given to preventing injuries from occurring in the first place.  Nowhere is this more evident than in youth sports, where overuse injuries continue to escalate.

Youth sports has gone through a transition over the years with a considerable increase in “travel” programs, sports “academies”, and year-round competition for athletes in different sports.  The amount of time and money parents are spending on lessons and strength and conditioning programs also continue to rise.  We felt that there should be a way to protect this huge investment so that overuse injuries do not interfere with the skill development or playing time of an athlete. 

For this reason, we expanded the scope of our practice and launched  The Center for Prevention of Youth Sports Injuries in our Brookhaven/Buckhead location.  This unique, first-of-its-kind program combines a physical assessment with education and sport-specific training to focus exclusively on mitigating overuse injuries in youth sports. If you have an athlete who is involved in high level sports and you have been frustrated by recurring overuse injuries or just want to prevent them from occurring, then this program is for you!

For more information please visit our website at or watch the video below.