5 Running Tips for Race Day

1. Hydrate BEFORE your race!  If you wait until you are feeling thirsty, your body is already dehydrated.

2. Increase your body temperature with proper warm up.  Increasing your body temperature will decrease your chances for injury.  You can try simple jumping jacks or running in place.  Get your body warm before you stretch

3. Don’t let adrenaline get the best of you.  Race day is exciting, but make sure to start out at a reasonable pace to avoid burnout which can lead to injury

4. Try to run in the middle of the road.  Most roads are banked on each side which results in an uneven surface.  Running in the middle will provide an even surface to run on which will make your race much safer.

5. Stretch when you’re done and ice anything that hurts.  Stretching after will maintain flexibility and provide for a good cool down.  Ice will help decrease any pain and/or inflammation from your run


**Also, race day is NOT the day to try a new pair of shoes!  Stick to the shoe you have trained in.


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