Sarah Hedrick

Sarah was a student of the University of Georgia where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in
Exercise and Sports Science in 2013. From there she went to achieve her Doctorate of
Physical Therapy at Georgia State University in 2016 and has been practicing in the orthopedic
and sports rehabilitation setting upon graduation. Since then she has become certified in
Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling and is an active member of the American Physical
Therapy Association.

Sarah has experience and heavy interest in sports related injuries, post operative rehabilitation,
overuse pathologies, and neurologically related diagnoses including stroke, balance
dysfunction, Parkinson’s Disease, headaches, and traumatic brain injury. With hands on
manual treatment and activity specific exercises, Sarah strives to return her clients to their
individual goals with a positive, upbeat attitude.

Outside of the clinic Sarah loves everything outdoors including backpacking, hiking, fishing, and
kayaking. She has extensive experience in tennis and sand volleyball and continues to be
actively involved in leagues throughout the year around the city of Atlanta.