Are you ready to take the Sports Rehabilitation Center Challenge?

We are pleased to present THE SPORTS REHABILITATION CENTER challenge: Take a picture of yourself in a SRC shirt while in a unique or exotic place, or just doing something unusual. Tag The Sports Rehabilitation Center on Facebook We will post pictures on our website as we receive them. Each quarter we will chose a winner based on the most […] Read More »

Treat Your Feet: The Key to a Happy Day

Our feet are the most overused part of the entire body, but often get overlooked when trying to maintain our health.  Activities we do every day from walking to running, require our feet to act as shock absorbers. Failure of the feet to absorb shock and distribute weight evenly can lead to foot pain, knee pain, hip pain, and back […] Read More »

Baseball Season is Here…

Although your child may still be hoping for snow this year in Atlanta, youth baseball season is quickly approaching.  For the next four months or longer, your child will be engaged in numerous practices and games.  Excessive throwing without the proper warm-up and strengthening routine, could place your child at risk for overuse injuries to the arm by the time […] Read More »

New Rule means you have DIRECT ACCESS to physical therapy!

By:  Michelle Miller, PT, MPT July 1st 2015 the new Georgia Practice Act for physical therapists will take effect. The most impactful change for both patients and therapists is the passage of HB505. HB 505 puts the state of Georgia in line with national models of health care, along with 41 other states, in allowing direct access to physical therapy […] Read More »

Get Ready for Peachtree Road Race with 4 Exercises

By Becca Sanders, PT, DPT, OCS It’s that time of year again when runners from all over the country are gearing up for the Peachtree Road Race on July 4th! Help prevent running injuries with these TOP FOUR exercises. (Make sure you perform all exercises without pain.)   1. Crab Walk/Sidestepping with a Band: Put a resistance band around your […] Read More »